D Y Patil dental students attempt record on oral hygiene day

PUNE: The students of the department of Periodontology and Scientific Committee of DY Patil Dental School attempted to enter the India Book of Records by making ‘Maximum Posters on Oral Hygiene made by students on a single day‘ on the occasion of Oral Hygiene Day recently. The day was celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of doyen of Indian Periodontics G B Shankwalkar.

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The representatives said that in a country where most of the population lacks basic overall hygiene, maintaining sound oral health seems impervious.

According to representatives from the institute, the concept of oral hygiene was better endorsed through the competition. “The blank white sheets were swarmed with teeth of all shapes and sizes. The messages were serendipitous as well as pure genius. There was a ton of creativity in the air as innocent minds tried to send across a serious message on the importance of oral hygiene,” they said.

Total 916 students from the DY Patil International School participated in the poster making competition on oral hygiene to set the record.

The event was held in the presence of adjudicator of India Book of Records – Biswadeep Roy Chaudhary. Director-Healthcare for DY Patil Dental School Rahul Hegde, Dean Anand Shigli, Director – Corporate Affairs Kamaljeet Kaur Siddhu, Principal of DY Patil International School Surabhi Deshpande and Placement and Training Officer Shweta Sharma and head of Periodontics Shobha More were present on the occasion.

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