MPs’ summer holiday over? Labour demands recall of UK parliament after dire no-deal Brexit leak

MPs’ summer holiday over? Labour demands recall of UK parliament after dire no-deal Brexit leak The UK Labour Party has called on PM Boris Johnson to cut British lawmakers’ summer holidays short and recall parliament, following a leaked government report warning of the grim consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

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MPs are not due back in Westminster until September 3, but in an interview with Radio 4’s Today program, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell insisted that politicians should come back to parliament in “the next few days.”

McDonnell believes that the report, which is codenamed Operation Yellowhammer and predicts chaos if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, should trigger the government to reconvene parliament.

We are facing a critical issue here and we should be debating it in parliament.

The government documents claim that the UK could face a shortage of fresh food, fuel and medicine in the event of a no-deal Brexit, as bringing critical supplies into the country would be hit by logjams at EU ports and borders.

A secret dossier prepared by the British government, which outlines the challenges the UK will most likely face if it leaves the EU without a deal, was to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper reported that the grim vista envisaged by the report is not a worst-case scenario, but rather the most-likely outcome of Britain crashing out of the bloc – a much-feared prospect that has become increasingly likely since the changing of the guard in Downing Street.

According to the government’s forecast, some 85 percent of trucks “may not be ready” for newly introduced checks at the French border, a nuisance that could delay them by 60 hours, causing miles-long queues at points of entry.

However, Michael Gove, the minister in charge of coordinating no-deal Brexit planning, refuted the claims on Sunday, that the Yellowhammer dossier was part of the government’s plan for the “worst-case” scenario.

The likelihood of a no-deal Brexit has increased since PM Johnson vowed to take the UK out of the EU “do or die” on October 31. The prime minister will meet with Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron this week for Brexit discussions before the G7 summit in Biarritz.

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